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Welcome to Our Special
Bethesda Town Hall Meeting Page

Whispering Rose Radio broadcasted the North Bethesda (aka Maryland/Washington D.C.) Town Hall Meeting LIVE on Saturday, May 10, 2008 from 3:00 to 6:00 pm EST.  If you missed it, you can listen to the entire broadcast by clicking on the PLAY arrow in the Flash Player below. The Meeting will rebroadcast at various times throughout the week as well, so stay tuned to Whispering Rose Radio.

The UO Maryland Town Hall Meeting Broadcast

A Gathering of Citizens!

The citizens of Sosaria gathered on a bright and sunny day in the neutral land of Bethesda for a Town Hall to listen to Lord Britain’s Counselor Draconi.  The voice of Sosaria, Whispering Rose Radio broadcasted remotely bringing this gala event to the citizens as they gathered to listen with expectant and bated ears for the news and the soothsayer prediction of the future of the beloved land. 

Counselor Draconi discussed how the city of Cove would once again be the target of another monstrous invasion and of the many challenges ahead for the citizens of the many lands and shards of Sosaria.

The meeting was filled of expectations of new things developing in the beloved realm of Sosaria.  Draconi brought gifts and news from Lord Britain.   He told the gathered citizens of a new steed that would challenge even the best of the best illustrious tamers.  He told the gathered citizens of a war that would engulf and pit the peaceful land of Trammel with the foes from Felucca. 

The gathered citizens mingled amongst themselves sparking to friendships, inquiring about the new thing called the Whispering Rose Radio and rekindled alliances. 

Your Respectful Servant
Defrunkensein “Def”

Long LIVE The Scribes!

Besides listening to the actual broadcast, you may also be interested in reading Dee's written translation of the broadcast by clicking HERE or on the Bald Dude image on the left.  And, for info Dee is from UOForums.http://www.uoforums.com

Pictures Are Worth How Many Words?

Here we go! Click HERE or on the picture to the left to go to our special Town Hall Picture Page!


A view inside Dave and Busters on Lake Superior taken during the Town Hall Meeting.

Dave and Busters on Lake Superior


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