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Are you as confused as we are about all these time zones? Let alone the Daylight Savings Time Stuff???  Well join the club!

And Welcome to the WRRAD TZA Page!

"TZA"? What is TZA?

Well TZA is "Time Zones Anonymous"! LOL!
And this is our homepage! Hopefully what follows will help you!


The Current
  This is the
! It is set to Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the USA. Please LOCK this in your memory!

ALL TZA Members need to take a SACRED OATH to pass on to EVERYONE they know that the DJ Show Times listed on this site are in EST (unless otherwise noted)!

And they are not currently "otherwise noted" so live with it!


Now check out the WRRAD Time Clock Display which follows! It should help!

Here are some links that may help you become a "TIME SAAVY STUD or STUDETT!"

  The World Clock - Time Zones
A GREAT source for the "Time Impaired!" Click on the picture to the left to go there and see the CURRENT TIME in major cities around the globe!

Use your Browser's "BACK" key to return here!

The World Clock - Time Converter
Another nice resource for the "Time Impaired!" Click on the picture to the left to go there and convert your time!

DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED! It works GREAT! Take your time and play with it! You will see!

Use your Browser's "BACK" key to return here!

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